Can You Earn Money from Clinical Trials?

If you’re looking for ways to make money from home, you might be wise to look at several potential options. Beyond selling products or services or telecommuting, you might be interested in another type of opportunity that could pay you and that could even help advance medicine. There have been cases of people participating in medical areas to supplement their income. You’ve probably heard of egg harvesting, selling your blood, and selling sperm. But there are other areas you might be interested in as well.

Paid Clinical Trials

Some companies recruit for volunteer or for paid clinical trials. In the paid clinical trial, options will be listed for people with various health issues, from various age groups, and might be limited to a specific gender or other issue.  Some trials are on a volunteer basis only and others do pay base on variables that include: time involvement, number of visits, and so on. Most paid clinical trials pay at the end of the period, which will vary, depending on the study. It’s important to note that not all clinical trials will provide reimbursement.

In some clinical trials you’ll be taking medication and in some cases, you’ll be altering specific lifestyle habits. In most clinical trials there is a set number of participants that take a placebo instead of a medication that’s in a research and development stage. Clinical trials can be available for patients dealing with a specific medical problem as well as for the general public.  Some areas that could be covered could include: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Breathing disorders and other conditions as well.   The company Parexel often recruits for the aforementioned conditions.

Clinical Trials Aren’t for Everyone

While trials are carefully regulated, paid clinical trials aren’t for everyone. Specific directions must be followed to a tee and participants do take on risk of side effects from new medication and treatment therapies. In some cases, people participate and see no results whatsoever due to receiving a placebo. Companies and their staff work very closely with participants to monitor reactions and do their best to minimise adverse effects. In most cases, people are given as much information as is available to help them make a decision about whether or not they want to participate and are typically expected to sign a waiver due to taking on risk.

Before being approved to participate, you’d be subjected to rigorous testing to ensure you meet the requirements of the study and to ensure that you are in optimal health, thereby reducing your risk of problems. If you’re interested in learning more about the possibilities of participating in volunteer or paid drug trials, consider visiting

Paid clinical trials might not be an abundantly available option for working from home but when looking at all of your options for making money either full time or part time, this might be an area you’re interested in investigating. Not only could it help your own health but you could be a participant in shaping the future of medicine (and any money paid for a clinical trial payment could be a nice bonus).

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