Payoneer MasterCard, a Great Way to Get Paid

Want help getting paid from your work at home activities ? Whether you don’t have PayPal in your country or want an alternative to PayPal, Payoneer is a great option. I use it for several affiliate marketing programs, job bidding sites, and as a way to get payments from PayPal, too.  It works as a great option for buying things online when you don’t want to use a regular credit card, too.

I’ve been using Payoneer for a few years. I first started using them with Elance, and then started using them via their virtual account program for ACH, too, so that I could link up with my PayPal account.  Last year I started using them with Infolinks, too. They’ve opened it up further and have just started an affiliate program.  If you sign up under my link we both get $25 if you get to $100 in earnings. You can use it for a variety of payment programs, including helping you get paid for Elance, Infolinks, Freelancer, Dreamstine, Odesk, and more. Private loads can also be done similarly to PayPal.


The service charges are reasonable and they’re quick (once a payment is loaded you can access  money to spend online or withdraw from an ATM). I’ve also used their support in the past and they’re easy to deal with when there are problems

Here’s the link:

Sign up for Payoneer


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2 Comments to Payoneer MasterCard, a Great Way to Get Paid

  1. I do have a Payoneer card/account when I first learned about oDesk. But haven’t tried using it since they say there are a lot of charges aside from having a monthly maintaining fee. I’m using Paypal now and I think the fees are reasonable enough when I’m transferring money to may local bank.

  2. Polly on November 10th, 2012
  3. Hi,I’ve found the charges to be really reasonable with Payoneer compared to many and sometimes it’ nice to have instant access to your money :)
    I use PayPal, too, and agree that it’s a very useful service!

  4. Dana Prince on November 10th, 2012

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