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Textbroker UK - Another Writing Egg

You may now be able to make money writing with Textbroker even if you’re not in the USA. Why? They’ve launched Textbroker UK.

I’ve always been a firm believer in having as many income ‘eggs’ as possible. So, I signed up for Textbroker US a few years ago and after I got accepted I realised that I could never work for them as I wasn’t in the USA. But effective today, Dec 1, 2011, Textbroker UK launches and offers other English writers an opportunity to write for cash online. Through the Textbroker UK portal, you can sign up, write a sample, and get approved for writing assignments with UK, Australian, and European clients.

Textbroker UK Facts:

  • Your first sample receives a grade from 2 to 5, which will determine your rating and how much money you earn.
  • Your rating can go up or down depending on performance
  • You can write at your rating and for lower ratings
  • There are direct order possibilities if Textbroker clients like your work and you can create a profile and have Textbroker clients choose you as well
  • You can also set your price within their marketplace
  • Pay for Textbroker UK is in Euros and is listed at once monthly  via PayPal only. (If you need help setting up PayPal or want to understand how long it takes to do PayPal transfers I’ve got info on this blog: PayPal setup and PayPal transfer timeline). Minimum payout is 10 Euros and you need to request payout in their system.

How much does Textbroker UK Pay?

According to their website as of Dec 1, pay rates are:

Textbroker 2 Star – 3.5 Euro

Textbroker 3 Star – 4.5 Euro

Textbroker 4 Star – 6 Euros

Textbroker 5 Star – 20 Euros

My experience:

I applied last night and  got accepted at a 4 star rating after writing 1 sample (120-250 word, unpaid but they don’t take the rights and don’t publish the sample). They reviewed my sample overnight. Will I write for them? I’ll definitely check out available topics and consider using them for gap-filling work.

Sign up at http://www.textbroker.co.uk.

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5 Places To Get Paid To Write Articles

If you’re looking for beginner freelance writing jobs or filler writing work for your down time, the following five writing companies hire new writers on a regular basis. How much do freelancers get paid to write articles? That can vary from $3-$100 per article depending on many factors. General article writing pay for the below companies ranges on a scale of just below  .01/word  to .02/word or slightly better.

Below are rated worst pay to best pay with pros and cons for each company.

Content Gurus

Pro: This is a lower paying but easy company to work for that offers easy article writing for pay.

Con: Monthly payday only


Pro: Plenty of work available and twice monthly pay. This company also hires writers on a graded system. The better you’re graded, the better you are paid.

Con: lower pay, US writers only

Need An Article.Net

Pro: This site offers regular paying writing work as well. What many like about them is that they pay weekly on Friday nights

Con: non compete clause may limit your own career pursuits and pay is on the lower side

(their website doesn’t offer a writer’s application so you’ll need to contact them through their e-mail address if interested in applying.)

Quality Gal

Pro:This is a slightly better paying writing gig that offers regular writing work with a graded system so the better the quality, the more money you earn. Company is: We Build Pages

Con: This established company has a great reputation and offers decent rates but some suggest the research work involved can be a bit high for the pay at times.

Demand Studios

Pro: Plenty of work writing how to articles for good weekly pay. DS pays writers, editors, transcribers, and videographers.

Con: Some limits on how many weekly articles new writers can do, and strict style guides to follow

Get Paid to Write Articles

All the above companies offer a system whereby writers can claim articles from a content management system and all offer a somewhat automated payment system as well where writers are paid via PayPal.

I am a busy freelance writer, blogger, and consultant that isn’t working with any of the above content companies as I do have regular clients and some private “filler” sources of writing work and also write for passive income that has unlimited potential but I do hear good (to mostly good) things about the above content companies hiring and paying freelance writers  on a constant basis so they are a great starting point for beginners or a great option for filler work for writers as well.

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